Saturday, March 17, 2018

1913 Flood Big Four emergency trestle over Saline River in Harrisburg, IL


Looking at the satellite image, it appears this was a ravine that was rather deep, not a flood plain. At first I wondered if the ravine could fill up or if this photo was of a different location along the Egyptian Line. Then I remembered that the town itself flooded. So the ravine did fill up. They must be driving some long piles when they get near the stream bed just to reach the ground.

Note how the pier in the middle has been shoved over. It appears the truss on the left remained standing.

Cliff Wartman posted
Earlier I posted pictures of 1913 flood in Harrisburg. Found this, do you know more about it ?
Scott Trostel The March 24-25, 1913 flood caused massive damage to the Big Four, and other neighboring lines across Ohio, Indiana and Illinois for starters. I would say they were lucky to get the pile-drive out of its home terminal. In Ohio the list of where a train could go was a whole lot shorter than where it couldn't go. Mile upon mile of roadbed washed out, tracks simply gone, many bridges missing, trains in the flood waters. It is a stunning story indeed. Just get your local newspspers from that era and it will reveal the realities. I am in western Ohio and have written three books on this local region.
Matthew Lappin Local bridge companies made a small fortune due to the 1913 flood. Railroad, interurban and city/state road bridges gone. Sad time as many lives gone. Loss to railroads was really immeasurable.
Bill Dobbin Now that's a whole lotta bridge to replace!
Scott Trostel FYI: In Ohio in the first 24 hours of the flood, over 700 major railroad and highway bridges went down. That is a stunning number!

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