Friday, March 16, 2018

Tetra Hedron, a heavy (1763 tons) lift marine crane

Dennis Makowski posted
For perspective that's a 2250 boomed down directly underneath the bohemith.
[The comments disagree that the crawler crane is a 2250. But the fact that you have a crawler crane as your "utility crane" is empressive. The video below has scenes with the utility crane boomed up so that it is easier to see.]
Dennis Makowski posted
Got one of her boomed up on lunch , check out the six million miles of boom hoist cable
The brilliant minds of humans are smart enough to design and build a floating crane barge that can house 300 people and lift objects weighing as much as 3,526,000 Pounds [1763 tons, 1600mt]. That is not speculation. That is what the Tetra Hedron barge crane pictured above can do. 
The Tetra Hedron in drydock, this is one of several photos you can scroll through. Including one with both booms up, but I could not get a link for it so I copied it.
MarineTraffic and then hit next photo six times
It looks like Manitowoc made a biggie for Tetra also:
Henry Olrogge posted
Off a tugboat page. i can not tell the crawler model on the deck, little help.
If that’s the old tetra hedron, According to the spec sheet it was a 14000. Before it was epic companies, and now it’s triton diving.
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It's a 14000. I'm on the vessel.
Phillip Mitchell
 since your on the vessel i like to ask you..wht model crane is the bigrig..looks to me like a ZPMC from china.
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Matt Mohd Ji
 Its a Wison.China
1600 t main, 350 t aux, 50 t whip.

Matt Johd Ji commented on Henry's post

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Update: I shared the Manitowoc photo with the Manitowoc group.
Hartley Bergeron If im not mistaken this is a 800 ton rig. It is setup in the 4100 Vicon operation. This one bad baby here. I personally ran The Cherokee back in the gap. Which was same setup Tetra Sold it’s barge fleet. So they are putting new colors and
Logo on.

Wally Jensen sea crane 1 million pounds lift capacity so i heard when i was helping welld components.


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  3. Folks, per the web site this crane is owned by a company called Epic Heavy Lift Services. They have a flyer on their web site that tells all about it. The flyer list the deck crane as a "Manitowoc 14000". Don't know one from the other myself, but I figure the owner would!