Thursday, March 15, 2018

Wilson Street Bridges over Fox River in Batavia, IL:

(before 1911 (1856) Bridge Hunter, 1911 + 2007 Bridge Hunter, 44 photos by Jim Frazier of the 1911 bridge and its 2007 replacement, 3D Satellite)

Illinois Highways, June, 1914, ebook, p45

Batavia Depot Museum posted
The stone arch bridge over the Fox River, looking west. The brick building at left remains, but the Newton Wagon Works limestone building was demolished. The first bridge constructed in Batavia was built in 1837, funded by subscription, and destroyed later that same year by flooding. A new bridge was built in 1843 and destroyed by flooding in 1849. The stone bridge in the picture was a local landmark from 1856 until 1911 when it was replaced by an elegant poured cement bridge. The 1911 bridge was replaced in 2007 by the present day Donovan Bridge.

Batavia Depot Museum posted three photos with the comment: "Building the Wilson Street bridge in 1911 took lots of man power. Note the temporary pedestrian bridge in the last photo.
[A comment noted that four jackets have been taken off. So, unlike the straw-hat guy at the end of the middle arch, four supervisors pitched in to help? Note the factory in the background that made wagons for horses. A reminder that this photo was taken early in the 20th Century.]


[Looking northeast]

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