Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Ann Arbor Ferry Dock in Manistique, MI

The slip and apron was built well enough that it survived into the 21st Century. But looking at a 1953 aerial photo indicates that there used to be a lot more land on the west side of the dock. At least I caught a satellite image while there is still a spit of land left. The 2005 SPV Map indicates the ferry service was Ann Arbor to Frankfort, MI. The railroad was Manistique & Lake Superior, an AA subsididary, and it came down from the north.
Greg Bunce shared
Dennis DeBruler The slip and apron base still servives in Manistique:

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S. S. A. Weston & Marquette, and Northern Car Ferry No. 1, Manistique, Michigan - postmarked 1908.

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