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1877 NS/CNO&TP/Sou/CS Bridges over Ohio River at Cincinnati, OH

(Bridge Hunter, Historic Bridges, 3D Satellite)

To explain the title, Cincinnati built and owns the Cincinnati Southern route, but it now leases it to the Cincinnati, New Orleans & Texas Pacific, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Norfolk Southern.
Photo from Bridge Hunter, 1877 Whipple truss
The longest span was 519' and when completed was the longest in the world.
Historical Postcard Showing Previous Swing Bridge from Historic Bridges
[The 1922 continuous truss was built around the old bridge so that traffic was not interrupted. The swing span was replaced by a lift span that used hydraulic jacks since it had to raise just 13'. The lift mechanism and towers have since been removed. The swing pier no longer holds any weight. It is the busiest railroad bridge in the area. [Historic Bridges]]

David George posted
Ohio River bridge.

Louis Edward Nollau glass negative collection
University of Kentucky Library
ca. 1913
Cincinnati, Ohio
Chris Mayhew Looking from Ludlow, Kentucky into Cincinnati. That’s also the first/original bridge.
Frank Michaels Double intersection Pratt Truss or Whipple.

Jim Kelling shared

Street View, 1922 Bridge

Street View
Street View

View from Train
Crossing bridge southbound from Cincinnati to Ludlow
Photo taken by Norfolk Southern Railroad (Operation Lifesaver Special) April 11, 2013
Brad McClelland posted
In the 1980's Seaboard System and early CSX used GE B30-7's on there intermodal trains. These locomotives were given a nickname of TOTE Boats, a L&N term for Trailer on Train Express.
This is southbound R-133 in Cincinnati, Ohio on May 4, 1986. This train is on the north approach of C&O's Ohio River Bridge. To the right is MD Cabin which controlled the crossovers on the north approach. In the background is Southern Railways Ohio River Bridge. I photographed this image from the southbound lane of I-75's Ohio River Bridge.

Brandon Lee posted five photos with the comment: "Since we seem to be on the subject of Ohio river crossings here are some shots I took of the Southern RR bridge and surrounding area in Cincinnati a few years back. The C&O's western crossing of the Ohio is behind the I-71/75 bridge in the background as well."





Mark Hinsdale posted two photos with the comment:
"Almost Home"
On an unseasonably warm March, 1976 day, a northbound Southern Railway iintermodal train approaches and crosses the massive bridge spanning the Ohio River between Ludlow KY and Cincinnati OH. In short order, the crew will be putting their train away at Southern's Gest Street facility, the end of their run up the CNO&TP. Photos by Mark Hinsdale

Mark also shared.


Javid Beykzadeh posted
01/15/2021 - Here's the catch of the year for me so far! NS 177 with the NS 1066 New York Central Heritage Unit leading crossing the Ohio River from Cincinnati into Ludlow, KY. This was the icing on the cake for my day!
[Norfolk Southern is not wasting money on paint.]

J.B. Rail Photog added
01/15/2021 - Norfolk Southern 177 emerges out of a "tunnel of steel" on the Cincinnati Southern Bridge southbound into Ludlow, KY, after passing over the Ohio River with the Norfolk Southern Heritage Unit New York Central System leading on the NS CNO&TP.
[There were a lot of comments about NS should paint it.]
Randal Hampton shared
Randall Hampton: Anybody have a few thousand gallons of paint to spare?

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I did not realize it was a swing bridge because I never saw a close image of the Kentucky side before. Considering the height of the bridge, this is a reminder that steamboats had tall smokestacks.

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