Saturday, March 31, 2018

1904 CSX+CP+Amtrak/PM Bridge over St. Joseph River in Benton Harbor, MI

(Bridge Hunter, Historic Bridges, satellite below)

I include the Lafarge facility because it captures that some large ships (actually, a cement barge and tugboat in this case) still go upstream of the bridge.

This bridge is evidently normally open because of a lot of recreational boat activity. Not only does the above Google view capture a small boat moving fast, a Bing view also shows a small boat moving upriver. And Tom's photo demonstrates a lot of recreational boat activity. I found several marinas upstream of this bridge and even a housing development where houses evidently have their own private piers.

Tom Carter posted
A Chicago-bound CSX freight crosses the St. Joseph River swing bridge in Benton Harbor, Michigan, in June of 1998. Look at all the boats lined up to the left waiting for the bridge to return to its open position! The bridge was built in 1904 for the Pere Marquette Railroad, and is still operating perfectly after 114 years!
[If that many boats have accumulated already, imagine how many there will be floating around after the train is done crossing the bridge. It is my experience that trains do not go very fast over a movable bridge.]

From Bridge Hunter
Overall view in open position, from the northeast in a boat
Photo taken by Roger Deschner in April 2016
License: Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike (CC BY-SA)

One of some photos and a video posted by Matt McClure
Perhaps stretching the geography of "Chicagoland" with photos of the former Pere Marquette 1904 through-truss center-swing bridge in St. Joseph, MI. Bridge is manned 24/7 during boating season. Operator is super-friendly.   
St. Joseph, MI on July 30, 2021. All photos and video by MKM. Additional details with each photo.
[The videos are of a coal train pulled with BNSF power at 15mph.
This detail of unlocking the rails is worthy of note.]

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