Thursday, March 15, 2018

CSX/L&N Bridges over Bayou Sara in Mobile, AL

(Bridge Hunter, see satellite image below, photo of the previous bridge)

You seldom see a new swing bridge nor a plate girder bridge. But even the previous bridge was a girder bridge because this is a small bridge that is so close to the water level that it needs to be movable for recreational boats.

Jerry Floyd posted, cropped
New CSX swing bridge just installed at Bayou Sara creek 5 miles north of Mobile, Al. It is electric over hydraulic and will be ran remotely from Mobile, Al.
[I posted the link to the Flickr photo.]
Jerry Floyd Great pics.. I am still the bridge tender on the Bayou Sara bridge but hirail across most of these daily including Tensaw bridge which has yet to be replaced. Thanks for the post!
Dennis DeBruler When looking at the satellite images to find the bridges, I noticed the ballast was white, which normally means it is new. It looks like CSX is putting a lot of money into this route.
Jerry Floyd This part of the subdivision (M&M) goes thru the Mobile Tensaw delta with several stationary bridges along with five movable bridges thru the swamp. Heavy loaded coal trains along with constant erosion usually leads us to adding new ballast and keeping a surfacing team pretty busy thru the area.

I saved the image because it caught the construction activity in progress.

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