Monday, March 19, 2018

Harbor Hill or CP Hill Junction: C&NW vs IHB

(Satellite) C&NW called it Harbor Hill whereas  B&OCT called it CP Hill.
NorthAmericanInterlockings: None
Chicago and Northern Indiana Railroad Interlocking Towers (NA)

Sam Carlson posted
By June 2, 1995, when I copped this shot, the B&O had long since been absorbed into CSX. Yet they still referred to this train as "B&O 89" as it tops Harbor Hill, as the C&NW called it, on the IHB (IHB calls it CP Hill) in a southward direction while a C&NW train passes below. B&O 89 ran from C&NW's Proviso Yard to CSX's Barr Yard, both within the Chicago Switching District.
This was the original connection between the C&NW and IHB. Since then two more connections have been added: B3 in 2009 and B2 in 2013. (FMI: CREATE: B2, B3, B4 and B5)

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