Monday, March 12, 2018

UP/C&NW KK Madison Bridge over Kinnickinnic River in Milwaukee, WI

(Bridge Hunter, Historic Bridges3D Satellite Photo from Don's Depot)

See also Northern KK Bridge.

It wasn't until I looked at Don's photo that I realized that this was a double-lattice truss. Jeff's photos below show that it still is a double-lattice.
Western Society of Engineers, p135

Western Society of Engineers, p139

Jeff Wojciechowski posted three photos with the comment: "Swing bridge on the former C&NW and now UP passenger main over the Kinnikinic River in Milwaukee.  4/7/2021"



One of three photos posted by Marty Bernard of Rick Burn's photos.
CNW Menomonee [Kinnickinnic] River Bridge in Milwaukee, July 1960. Rick Burn photo.
Arturo Juarez: Looking southwest from the Nidera (Continental) Grain elevator-The Atlas building is where Skipper Bud's Marina is today.

This bridge is in the left background of a photo of the GTW railyard.
One of four photos posted by Joe McCarron
My collection. GTW. MIlwaukee, WI - 1940's
[Note this bridge in the background between the two boats and above the cars.]
Gary Lenz posted
KK Madison Swing Bridge - Kinnickinnic River . Far right side - First Street Bridge. Milwaukee , Wisconsin . Early 1980's.
Stephen Rugolo The most dangerous contraption you ever wanted to be on. I wrote a letter to the divisional manager complaining of the dangerous situation here and got changes made. You can't tout “Safety First” and have this death trap facing you at midnight.
Bart Culbertson I recall that the bridge house was damaged after a fire of unknown cause burned all the bridge controls in the late 80s. As a result the bridge was taken out of service. The bridge was then removed and traffic was operated over the old Milwaukee line.
[The First Street Bridge does not make sense for the KK Madison Bridge. But the bridge is certainly not the Milwaukee Swing Bridge either. So I don't know if this photo belongs in these notes or not.]
Gary Lenz posted
Kinnickinnic Wisconsin Swing Bridge Looking South . Milwaukee , Wisconsin. Photo - Early 1980's.
Alex Sansone From greenfield ave.
Gary Lenz Yes but closer to the Bridge.
Alex Sansone Gary Lenz absolutely. Only one track now.
Stephen Rugolo I believe it’s the only operational C&NW bridge in the city now.

Jeff Wojciechowski posted
Former C&NW bridge over the Kinnickinnic River in Milwaukee, WI.

Brian Dessereau posted two photos with the comment: "A few shots of the KK Madison Bridge in Milwaukee that was taken down in January 1996."


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  1. Dennis -On the KK Madison Swing Bridge photo ,I added the caption of the First St . Bridge ( on the far right ) for more of a location point with the KK Bridge. You can remove that caption if you care to. Gary Lenz