Saturday, March 17, 2018

Tornado vs UP/C&NW Train

It happened near Lawrence, IL on the UP/C&NW route, not the Wisconsin Central. Probably on this bridge.

(new window) Skip the first minute unless you want to listen to some unorthodox horn work. (It sounds like just one long blast for each crossing rather than the specified "two long, a short, and a long until the engine enters the crossing".) And, unless you like listening to an engine idle, you can stop at 1:50. Notice the sparks coming from the wheels of the tank car as it approaches. The train is in emergency stop, but the locomotive stopped quicker.

Bill Weedman  6 months agoI know a firefighting instructor who shows the last minute or so where the tank car is bouncing and sparking as it is headed for the camera to start his lectures. Then he says, "So how was your week?" He says it gets everyone's attention.
When I watched the second time, I noticed the engine came to a stop on a bridge. So this derailment is happening on a bridge. I hope that tank car did not leak into Lawrence Creek.

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