Friday, March 9, 2018

PRR (Panhandle) Hartsdale Yard

(See satellite image below)
Note only did the NYC/MC have a Hartsdale Yard east of Hartsdale Junction, the Pennsy had a Hartsdale Yard southeast of the junction. Furthermore, the joint yard connected the Panhandle with the CN/EJ&E Griffith Yard.

Bob Lalich commented on David's posting
Not only is the yard now abandoned, Conrail abandoned all of the Panhandle. According to the above diagram and a 1952 historic aerial photo, the yard used to be between the land scar for the mainline and the Junction Road and run between the Hartsdale Junction and Old Lincoln Highway. In fact, unlike the diagram, in 1952 most of the yard was south of the junction with the joint yard.


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