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C&O/PM and GTW Ferry Dock in Milwaukee, WI

3D Satellite
The following photo motivated researching the location of the railroad ferry dock in Milwaukee. In a 1955 aerial photo, there was just one slip near the end of Jones' Island. But it had already been converted to a cargo terminal. The 2005 SPV Map shows that this area used to support C&O/PM ferries to Ludington and GTW ferries to Muskegon and Grand Haven, MI. You can still see tracks west of I-794 going to the sewage treatment plant in the upper-left corner.

Update: the SPV Map may be correct with respect to C&O/PM, but it is wrong for GTW. The following clearly shows a ferry docked at a slip in their yard. And there is another, shorter ferry slip next to it.

Joe McCarron posted
Some remnants of the two slips still exist.
One of four photos posted by Joe McCarron
My collection. GTW. MIlwaukee, WI - 1940's
Dennis DeBruler commented on Joe's photo above
Your previous aerial showed that GTW had two ferry slips. Madison seems to be docked at the short slip and a long ferry is docked on the right.

Joe McCarron posted
My collection. GTW. MIlwaukee, Wi.
Joe McCarron In Milwaukee, they called this engine 73, the "doodlebug". Both my Grandfather and Dad were engineers on it. I was on it once, when I was 7. Maybe this is Muskegon. Not sure.
[Because of the building on the right and the walkway along the apron, I don't think this photo was in Muskegon; but this comment did bring this GTW dock to my attention.]
Joe McCarron posted
My collection. GTW. MIlwaukee, WI
Joe McCarron posted
My collection. GTW. MIlwaukee, WI - Not sure this is Milwaukee.
Charles Geletzke Jr. Joe: Yes, that is Milwaukee.
Steven J. Brown posted
Chesapeake and Ohio SW9 5247 (built 1951) switching cars onto C&O ferry City of Midland in Milwaukee, Wisconsin - August 8, 1977.
Jeff Lewis Nice. I imagine that operation wasn't very well documented. How much of a network did C&O have in Milwaukee? I can't imagine it was very large.
Ken Herrick It wasn't. All it did was serve the car ferry dock & the yard that supported it. If I remember correctly, both CNW & Milwaukee Road interchanged with the yard which was on Jones Island.
Jonathon Leese GTW was in Muskegon, C&O in Ludington and AA was in Frankfort.
Michael Moran The Lake Express currently runs between Milwaukee and Muskegon, but C&O ferries ran out of Ludington, where the Badger still does.

I believe that all the railcar ferry docks on the Lake were standardized so in an emergency a ferry could use another dock, but I can’t confirm this and don’t know if it ever happened.
Jonathon Leese Scott Malec C&O's primary route for the car ferry traffic was Toledo-Ludington on their mainline that basically bisected the state on a 45 degree angle. C&O's line to Muskegon was basically a branch line.

90 years ago today, the Grand Trunk car ferry MILWAUKEE sank in a storm

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