Saturday, March 17, 2018

Steele, IL: Trail/MC crosses Metra/Wabash


Bill Molony posted two photos with the comment:

These two photographs - dated 1959 - are of the Wabash depot at Steele, Illinois in New Lenox Township.
Steele was the designation for the location where the Wabash tracks passed under the tracks of the New York Central's Joliet Cutoff. The NYC overpass can be seen to the left in the first photograph.
The name of the agent standing in front of the door is given as Worth B. Mooney.
Richard Fiedler Steele at MP 33.9 was a telegraph station call was “SR”. There was a flourishing interchange business with the MC handing off cuts from Ford bound to Kansas City. According to the 1902 Wabash Structures Book the building was built in 1888 and measured 14’x16’with a 12’ ceiling on a timber foundation. It was shared with the MC at least up to some point with Wabash claiming 1/2 the building. I’m assuming that the structure pictured is a replacement for the one described in the book as it looks narrower and longer more like 12’x30’. At one time there were also tell-tales on both sides of the viaduct, a frame platform, outhouse, a tool House, and a milk platform.
James Holzmeier Great photos! Interesting little building...was it of wood construction or was it poured concrete?
Richard Fiedler Wood. Looks like vertical tongue and groove and it has iron end braces on the corners. It looks like an old wood boxcar that had a gable roof added and the door openings closed off with windows and doors added.
Robert McNeill I agree Richard, not unusual at some "whistle stops"..


Richard Fiedler commented on Bill's posting
[Note that the map has South at the top.]

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