Monday, March 12, 2018

C&WI Team Tracks

Older railroad maps would label most of the yards along the C&WI tracks as to which owner used that yard. But none of them labeled what is now UP's Canal Street or Canalport Yard.

Comments on this posting indicated that the yard was the team tracks for all five owners of the C&WI.
Bill DeMar Year's ago the ramp wall up to the yard was painted "team tracks , C&EI , Monon , Erie , GT and I think Wabash.
Bob Lalich Yes, those were the C&WI owner roads.

Bob Lalich commented on a posting
This was the track layout of Canal St Yard in 1959. It's original purpose as a team yard is apparent.
Bob Lalich commented on a posting
Here is a John Barriger photo of Canal St Yard probably taken in the 1930s.
Bill DeMar Beautiful !!!! As a kid we go up there at Xmas and get a Xmas tree from an Erie box car . Thanks buddy , this puts a picture to the memory.
Bob Lalich I can imagine the wonderful aroma of a box car full of pine trees!
So this elevated yard was built from the beginning with horse&wagon/truck ramps. That would make it a natural infrastructure for intermodal traffic.

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