Friday, February 5, 2016

Cargill Cerestar ---- Another Corn Products Company

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Candy Lachman Birkenfeld posted "Any IHB'ers remember this??" I just skimmed it until I came to page 11--- a "Know Your Customer" column. One thing I read was:
Another large hole in the IHB budget has been the downgrading of the Cerestar Plant by their new owner Cargill. While the full extent of the traffic loss remains to be seen, we know that we will see significantly fewer carloads from that plant in the future. 
So I Googled Cerestar Cargil and found an address of what is now Cargill Texturizing Solutions US, LLC and why Cargill bought into Cerestar in "Cargill VP explains reasons behind Cerestar purchase 10-Apr-2002" When you go to that page, search for the paragraph "to develop" to get more insight as to what can be made with corn. This plant sounds like Ingredion in that they make corn syrup and starch but are trying to learn to make other things as Americans try to cut back on their consumption of corn syrup.

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