Friday, February 19, 2016

Ironhead Marine and Fabricating in Toledo, OH

Bird's Eye View
While researching a flour mill in Toledo, I noticed a couple of dry docks, one of which has a couple of travelling gantry cranes. This is the High Bay facility of Ironhead Marine and Fabricating. It has:
  • Graving Dock #1 805'
  • Graving Dock #2 550'
  • 20,000 sq/ft (50' under hook)
  • 2, 20 ton cranes 
The Port Shop facility is further downstream and appears to be just a fabrication building.
  • 32,000 sq/ft (24' under hook)
  • 2, 10 ton cranes
  • 1, 20 ton crane
  • 2, 25 ton cranes
Ironhead has operated the Toledo Shipyard since 2006 and the services include:
  • Ship repairs, modifications and construction
  • Hull repairs
  • Machinery repairs
  • Fabrication and welding
  • Blasting and painting
  • Modifications and construction
  • Electrical and controls
  • Assembly
  • Plate rolls
  • High definition plasma and oxy-fuel cutting table
  • Saw cutting to 24 feet
  • Ironworker and punch
  • 50+ welding machines
  • Welding services – AWS and ABS Certifications

Since Ironhead needed heavy fabrication equipment and experts such as welders to make replacement parts for ship repairs, they fabricate equipment for other companies to keep their fabrication resources busy. It appears the fabrication business grew so that they needed a second building (Port Shop).

From the photo gallery.
Their photo gallery provides a glimpse into the kind of work they do. I include a couple of examples.

From the photo gallery.

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