Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Munger Junction: EJ&E vs ICwest

(CRJ, search for Munger; Satellite)

Dave Arganbright posted
I don't remember where I found this photo years ago, it was just labeled "Munger, September 1968". It's a neat angle and I like it. Sorry if its been posted before.

Brian Skrabutenas also posted
Western Subdivision center cabs Climbing over Munger.
CN/IC/CC&P/ICG/IC crosses CN/EJ&E with a connection in the northeast quadrant. CN plans to build a connection in the southwest quadrant and quit running its western trains into Chicago. But I notice on the satellite image that they have not yet implemented this plan.

Mark Llanuza posted
Its 1998 at Wayne IL [Munger ] CC&P going under the J.

Mark LLanuza posted
EJ&E loaded coal train leaving Munger on the CC&P.
This train would go north to Spaulding, run around it train and head south to Joliet.
[Looking at a satellite map, I see they would have to shove the coal trains up to Spaulding Yard because the interchange siding at Munger is short. In 2019, CN has forced CP to quit using Spaulding as an interchange point. (CN wasted CP to take the trains all to way to Kirk Yard in Gary, IN. I think they settled on CP taking trains to Clearing Yard. I didn't catch where CN agreed to deliver trains.) On the other hand, how many coal trains are still arriving on ICwest and woujld still need Spaulding Yard?]

Brian Skrabutenas posted
Western Subdivision center cabs Climbing over Munger.
Grant HansenGrant and 32 others joined Friends of The EJ&E RR within the last two weeks. Give them a warm welcome into your community! The Lethoin sub going over the Freeport sub
It appears the photo posted by Brian was taken by Mark.
Mark Llanuaz posted
I'm at the far west end of Munger with EJ&E going over the CC&P 1994.

Mark Llanuza posted
The year 2002 with eastbound IC business train going under the EJ&E at Munger
Mark Llanuza posted
Its 1993 westbound Wheatfield coal being picked up at Munger off the siding of the IC Iowa division with CC&P train 51 going by.
Mark Llanuza posted
Northbound EJ&E crosses over the former IC Iowa division at North Iowa Jct [known as Munger ] while a eastbound is in the foreground the year 2010.
Rick La Fever The "immortal" 703!
Charles Heraver My favorite GP38-2.
Mark Llanuza posted
Its 1991 EJ&E coming off the CC&P interchange track with loaded Wheatfield coal train at Munger Sterns Rd Bartlett IL
William O'Neal StringerWilliam and 2 others manage the membership, moderators, settings, and posts for Friends of The EJ&E RR. The train is West bound near Sterns
I think William may be saying the train is empty and going to CC&P rather than from it. That is the only way I can reconcile the photo with a satellite image.

This is a photo at Dolton Junction of a CN train on the northeast quadrant connector between UP/C&NW and B&OCT. Peter's comment on the this photo indicates how CN trains travel to CSX since the southwest connector has yet to be added to Munger Junction.
One of the photos posted by Maxwell Crosby
Maxwell Crosby It's a CN, but it's running late. Normally nocturnal. Peter Zimmermann you'd know
Peter Zimmermann This one come off the CN Freeport sub from Iowa and to the CSX via the BRC and UP if its the train I'm thinking of.
Dennis DeBruler I have noticed that CN has yet to add a connector to the southwest quadrant of Munger Junction. So their current route to CSX takes them through that congested 75th Street Junction.
A bonus picture of a CC&P train east of this junction.
Jerry Jackson posted
I was probably driving down Glenn Ellyn road, having just turned south off Army Trail Road when I saw this CCP train. A pretty crappy shot, but... Glendale Heights, IL 1988.

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  1. The 665 coming out of Munger is approaching Sterns road. I wouldn't think that they would send just two units for loads unless it was only going to West Chicago. The 3rd engine is a 300 class and no help at all.