Monday, February 1, 2016

Railroad Yard Tax Status

Dennis DeBruler shared Mark Llanuza's photo
When I asked if the piggyback yard was B&OCT's, I learned that it was Rock Island's facility.

I also learned that the platform tracks at Grand Central Station were filled with freight cars in storage to maintain their tax status as a rail facility. (William Shapotkin) Bill also explained:
For years the C&WI (until circa 1990(?)) kept two reefers stored on a disconnected piece of track in its cut west of the ROCK tracks at 16th/Clark. This allowed the railroad to claim that the land was still being used for rail operations. There are other instances of railroads doing this to maintain their rail status -- even years after the railroad was not actually using a facility.
Bob Lalich comment on above posting.
Here is a photo that I took in 1981 of the C&WI wood refrigerator cars.
They were there until the CTA Orange line was built.
Bob Lalich provided a picture of those two refers.

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