Monday, February 15, 2016

CSX/L&N/Monon South Hammond Yard and B&OCT Interchange Runs

The motivation for showing a bunch of vacant land is that I came across a posting about transfer runs to and from this yard.  It is interesting to notice that streets such as Locust have not been connected across the old yard. If you zoom in, you can see the Monon Trail where the old mainline used to be.

Ten more photos

Kevin A Heggi shared Karl Rethwisch's photozzz
To summarize the comments, this is a southbound transfer run to the South Hammond Yard that has just passed Russel Street. Monon's tracks can still be seen in Russell St. The Erie tracks are on the right in the photo.

William Kruspe observed that engine 9510 was "a real piece of junk."

John Eagan commented "Back then, railroads delivered interchange cars to each other and then ran back home as a caboose hop." But that raises the question that I'm too chicken to ask --- how do they do it today?

Bob Lalich's comment on above share
Here's another shot of a B&OCT transfer
at Monon's South Hammond Yard. Photographer unknown.

Bob Lalich's comment on above share
And here is the reciprocal transfer from Monon to B&OCT - East Chicago.
Photographer unknown.

Sam Carlson posted
The former Monon shop complex in Hammond, IN in June, 1976. By this time, it was all L&N - almost no sign of the Monon. Last time I was there, there was no sign of any railroad at all.
Dennis DeBruler The water tower makes it easy to locate where this shot was taken.,-87.../data=!3m1!1e3
Sam responded to Dennis' comment
It all depends on which side of the water tower your are on!

Jon Roma posted
This is another K. C. Henkels shot taken January 4, 1964 at the Monon's Hammond engine house. I doubt there are any remaining signs that this facility ever existed.
The 56 was an Alco RS-2 built in 1947; it was traded in to GE by L&N in 1972, the year after the Monon was merged out of existence.
Jeff Lackman I saw the RS's once in Michigan City, when the family went through MC on the way to a beach in Michigan... that was a long time ago... is that a C628 behind it?
Rick La Fever Looks like one. The number matches.
Dennis DeBruler The yard is now brownland, but the water tower still stands.!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4...

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