Friday, February 5, 2016

Indiana & Ohio Railway (IORY)

Augmented Google, IORY is orange
According to my 2005 SPV Map, IORY owned the remnant of the Detriot, Toledo & Ironton north of Springfield and Indian & Ohio Central (IOCR) owned the "orange tracks" south of and around Springfield. But they were subsidiaries of RailAmerica. When Genesee & Wyoming bought RailAmerica in 2012, they must have consolidated IORY+IOCR as the 570-mile IORY.

The DT&I remnant south of Springfield goes to Washington Court House (WCH), OH, and DT&I is abandoned south to Ironton. At WCH, IORY joins the B&O branch that ran from Columbus to their mainline to Cincinnati. The IORY also has the remnant of the mainline that runs east to Greenfield, OH. The branch that goes southeast of Columbus is a Hocking Valley (C&O) remnant. The two branches leaving Springfield are Big Four remnants. The industrial spurs in Urbana, OH are a combination of Pennsy and Erie remnants.

Zoomed in on above map

The headquarters are in Cincinnati and it began by picking up small remnants around Cincinnati that no one else wanted. (American-Rails)
Jason Jordan posted
Update: Jason's comment:
September 2007, finds three Rail America GP's tied up on the former D. T. & I. Railroad in Washington Court House, OH. Two of the units are from the C. F. & E. and one was from the C. OR. & P. plus they had one covered hopper tied on to the units. All three were idling at the time of the photo. A Jason Jordan photo.
I wonder if Genesee & Wyoming pools their power or if the CF&E engines are considered a run-through and O&I has to pay for their usage.

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