Wednesday, February 3, 2016

1931 CN/GTW Bridge over Black River in Port Huron, MI

(Bridge Hunter3D Satellite)

Street View, Aug 2013
Street View, Aug 2013

Street View, Nov 2021

These photos have been moved to "Aban/C&O/PM Abt Trunnion over Black River in Port Huron, MI."

Mike LaCourse posted a couple of pictures with the comment "The old GT line crossing the Black River in Port Huron, Mi."


Joe Dockrill posted
Port Huron Michigan
Mike LaCourse posted four pictures of a train coming across with the comment: "GT 4629 coming from Domtar Paper Co, crossing the Black River in Port Huron, MI. Looks like a redid gp9? with a different cab." Jonathon Leese added: "GP9R. GTW rebuilt around 30 of them in the early 90's in Battle Creek."

Bob Kinstrey posted, cropped

Charles Geletzke Jr. posted
On March 24, 1998 are looking east and see the GTW's Black River Drawbridge on the "HR" at Port Huron, Michigan. On the left is the Port Huron Paper Co., which I understand will be closing shortly...very sad...they were always a good GTW customer! (C. H. Geletzke, Jr. photo)
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Charles Geletzke Jr. posted
The GTW's Black River Drawbridge in Port Huron, Michigan as photographed on March 24, 1998. (C. H. Geletzke, Jr. photo)
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A Port Huron index for David Cenci has a 2010 photo with the comment: "GTW 4918 leads the "HR Job" east across Water St, and across the bascule bridge over the Black River" Another photo on page 5 of his index with the comment: "GTW job L504, with the GTW 4915 as power, waits for the conductor to get back on board after lowering the GTW's Black River drawn bridge at Water St." A 2015 picture with the bridge in the up position in the background.

Video of it being lowered, a train crossing, then raised. I normally ignore videos taken by cell phones with a vertical format. But in this case, vertical is almost appropriate for the bridge. It looks like someone walks across the bridge to inspect it. It must be a low bridge because the boats that passed after it was raised again did not have sailing masts.

Update: Sean Kelleher posted five photos to a public group with the bridge in the open position.


  1. Leave the damn bridge alone my grandfather took GT boxes from Port Huron to Canada by boat he was the Capt of his ship all the yath club wants to do is distroy history they think just because they have a lot of money they can do whatever they want.So keep the the bridge and they can kiss my ass it is all Port Huron to me

    1. Did you mean the Pere Marquette Trestle? This one is here to stay but the PM bridge is the one the Yacht Club is trying to tear down.

    2. I had photos of the wrong bridge at the top of these notes. I have fixed that. Sorry for the confusion.