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Dad's Root Beer Plant

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These Dad's signs and the Morton Salt roof sign were landmarks for a lot of kids on their way downtown along the Kennedy.

People complain about it being converted to condos, but that is better than tearing it down and building another tall rectangle. Since the turret is obviously a stairwell, that motivated them to keep that part intact. And the turret makes it easier to find on a map.

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This view must be from the east side. Look at how large a boat used the river north of Diversey Ave.
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Chicago North Pier Terminal Circa WWII
Jeff Miller
Jeff Miller

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1938 Photo
When I searched Forgotten Chicago for other postings, I found the comment:

Norman Pettigrew Use to spot the factory in freight

So I checked out the 1938 aerial photo to see if I could find the industrial spur. Thanks to the shadow of the turret and the smokestack, I'm sure I have the right spot. But I don't see the industrial spur.

Update: A Flickr photo comment indicates C&NW did switch tank cars for this plant.
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This neat old factory building was the Dad's Root Beer plant, and was located along the C&NW tracks in the Avondale area. I wish I had taken a picture of it back when it still had the Dad's Root Beer signage; happily there's this nice webpage with a good photo and more: <a href="" rel="noreferrer nofollow"></a>

Part of the complex remains intact today, incorporated into a new condo development.
2827 N. Washtenaw
Chicago, IL USA
ichael Bose The condo building has the address of 2827 N. Washtenaw. The Dad's Root Beer factory's official address was 2800 N. Talman - same property, different side. The building had been a Borden's Dairy plant until 1937.Brandon McShane It was rail-served into the 1970s. I believe it received sugar by rail.
Steve Slatter posted four photos with the comment: "The old Dad's Root Beer factory. 2800 n.Talman, Chicago then and now. In 1987 it was abandoned. Me and a friend climed up on the roof. Was covered with graffiti. We looked inside and there piles of old Dad's Root Beer sogns. Wish I got some , they would be worth a fortune now. Was told it was originally a dairy long ago before a Dad's factory."
John Dieden: Their smokestack flashed vertically, “Dad’s … Root … Beer.”




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  1. In the 1940's we would go to the half-door in the alley on the south end of the building. The workers would always give us some root beer. Good memories.