Saturday, February 27, 2016

Railroad Bridges Across the Main Stem of the Chicago River

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DID YOU KNOW THAT? The Lake shore Drive Bridge was originally built as a double decker with the purpose of having trains run on the lower deck. As many know, trains were running on the north side of the river and extended to the Ogden slip area. The original plan was to connect the IC with the tracks on the south with the tracks on the north side of the bridge since the only other connection between the north and south sides were on the tracks just west of the river. So, when driving on the lower level of LSD over the river, imagine yourself at the throttle of the locomotive of your choice!

David Daruszka comment on above posting
This would have reestablished a previous connection between the C&NW and the IC that existed near the mouth of the river via a swing bridge. It appears in Sanborn Fire Maps until the 1905 edition.
David Daruszka comment on above postingA larger view of the river. This is from 1893.

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