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Spaulding Junction: CN/EJ&J vs. Metra/Milwaukee and Milw Depot

(CRJ, search for Spaulding; Satellite)
NorthAmericanInterlockings:  photo
Chicago and Northern Indiana Railroad Interlocking Towers (click the marker for the correct information)

This is the tower that was moved to IRM (Jon Roma comment in his posting).  A photo of it at IRM

Mark Llanuza posted
Its 1988 Spaulding tower has been closed for a while near Bartlett IL ,This southbound is crossing the SOO LINE former Milwaukee RD.
Will Rasmussen Searchlights and Tower? You suck! Thanks for sharing.
Mark Stoeckel The tower is now in Union, IL & the Illinois Railway Museum.

Mark posted again
Matt Covarrubias

Mark posted again

Flickr photo

Gilbert Sebenst posting
The comments provide insight as to how interchanges are done between the Class I railroads in Chicago.

Gilbert's comment:
A light drizzle, 1/2 mile visibility with fog, and 39 degree temperatures do not make for comfortable photography conditions. They do, however, make opportunities...especially since quite a bit of rain has recently fallen up until this picture was taken. And I used all of those elements, as best I could, to capture the BNSF Eola, IL-Spaulding, IL local on the CN Leighton subdivision. The conductor, seen riding a 3-point stance at the front of the engine, has just thrown the switch to bring the engines into the siding and the Canadian Pacific yard just behind my back. He'll drop off some cars and pick some up before heading back south to Eola.
Full resolution photograph:…/sebenste/23370526583/in/dateposted/

Joe provided a correction:
Joseph Robert LeMay: Amazing photo, Gilbert! That's a CN job; it just happens to have BNSF power.

Buzz Baxter posted
Somewhere around 1960 I think at Spaulding Junction where the J and the Milwaukee crossed.
[Note the covered steel coil car. A reminder that EJ&E started as a railroad to connect United States Steel plants in the Chicagoland area.]

Buzz Baxter posted
Again around 1960 give or take.
[The sign on the depot says Spaulding. But why is there so much space between the tracks?]

Jerry Jackson posted a collection of his Spaulding pictures. His comment:
Since the Spaulding junction is so popular today. I figured a "spaulding" search in my RR folder might be in order. I have more under different headings, but these should do for a while. The SOO LINE train is westbound, crossing the junction. The Metra is also westbound, approaching the crossing and the EJ&E train is southbound. All photos taken in 1990 Bartlett, IL.
I noticed the set of switch handstands in the first photo. John Mark commented: " I think Spaulding was one of the last rod driven interlockings that I remember seeing...."


Mark Llanuza posted a couple of pictures after it closed in 1985 with the comment: "its 1989 with southbound EJ&E SD-38 going past the closed Spaulding tower,"
Mark Llanuza posted
Its 1974 with Erie run through train on the Milwaukee Rd getting ready to pick up train order's at Spaulding Jct where it crosses the Milwaukee Rd at Bartlett IL.

Mark Llanuza posted
Its June 1976 Milwaukee roads Spaulding train station at Bartlett IL with the crossing of the EJ&E and Milwaukee Road D&I sub. [Photo collection Mark Llanuza]

Mark Llanuza posted three photos with the comment: "Its 1975 at Spaulding Tower southbound EJ&E."
Mark Llanuza posted again
Its 1974 Spaulding tower inside where it crossed the Milwaukee Rd main line ,Tower was saved and now is at IRM.

Mark Llanuza posted
Its Aug 1977 at Spaulding tower with southbound


This is a duplicate of the the second photo above. I include this copy because it has a brighter exposure.
Eric Berg posted
Eastbound EJ&E #'s 668-650 come accross the Milwaukee Road at Spaulding tower in August 1978. Photographer unknown. (CMStP&P controlled, now CP)

Mark Llanuza posted three photos with the comment: "Its 1989 with EJ&E passenger extra with CNW business fleet stopping of at Spaulding."


George Locascio Jimmy EllensMichael Steffen Jim was a sharpshooter, won many marksmanship contests competing against other police forces including state police.George Locascio 3rd in the nation once
Mark Llanuza posted four photos with the comment:
Its as meet at Spaulding with a EJ&E rail train passing it along to Metra .My son conductor at the far left Kevin Llanuza meets the crews of the J the year 2008.


[Because of the turnout on the left, this would be the Metra switchers would be on the southeast quadrant. After the J clears the turnout, the Metra switches would go into the EJ&E Yard south of the junction and tie onto the train.]

[Mark must have walked along the connector to get a shot of the switchers heading back to their home tracks. I knew that rail was rather flexible, but the tight radius of that connector demonstrates how flexible it is.]
Harold J. Krewer commented on a post
Spaulding Tower now RE-OPENED for business in East Union, IL!!! [IRM]
Martin K. O'Toole photo:

Mark Llanuza posted
Its 1974 Spaulding tower where it crossed the Milwaukee Rd main line.
Juan Antonio Troncoso-Munoz posted
Recently one of the crossbucks at spaulding was decomissioned,seems like that connector track has seen the end of its life after CN and CP decided to interchange far away from spaulding...taken today december 10th,2019
John Sheskier Probably cost cutting so they don't have to maintain the crossing anymore.
Mike Rizzuto Incorrect, that crossing gate is brand new. The siding into the interchange yard from the CP never had automatic gates.
[It seems Precision Scheduled Railroading does not apply to the signal department. According to a comment, the gate was up just a couple of weeks before it was taken down.]
Luke Renish Metra still has access to that yard. One of the last nights I worked out there they had equipment stored there.
[Satellite At first I could not find this track. I would call this track a yard lead instead of a connector.]

Unfortunately, it is in a closed group, but Henry Goodbread has posted twenty pictures of the exterior and interior of the tower.

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