Sunday, February 28, 2016

Man vs. Nature (Mud)

I just skimmed the video. It was this thumbnail for the video that blew my mind. You would think that even a teenager would have enough sense to put it in reverse and get out if the field is soft enough to allow this. Or at least quit spinning the wheels and digging himself this deep. I've never seen a tractor over half the way down into the mud. I don't think they are just going to pull that out.

Soil doesn't even have to be muddy before wet soil impacts transportation.

A screenshot from the video.
Update: a video showing several examples of why you need to wait for the fields to dry out before you drive onto them. It also illustrates why they invented four-wheel drive and then quad-track. But you still need to stay out of wet fields. Mud just fills up the treads and is an excellent lubricant. Although a quad-track was able to pull a 5-bottom, reversible plow through some "soup." Pulling a completely sunken tractor out of a "pond." A contest to see if you can drive a combine into and then out of mud?

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