Friday, February 19, 2016

CB&Q Bridge over Shoal Creek near Sorento, IL

Frank Olive posted
C.B.and Q Bridge
High Water August 21,1915
A satellite image indicates that Shoal Creek is normally a rather small river in a deep valley. I've seen some rivers that are small enough to be named creeks. This creek strikes me as big enough to be called a river. Although Bing thinks it is small because I could not find it on their road map.

I think the mouth of this "creek" is too far away from the Mississippi for this water to be backed up from a Mississippi River flood. Judging from the meanders in the creek, it has dug itself into a canon on relatively flat land and it does not flow well. And it doesn't have access to flood plains. Thus its water level raises dramatically.

The satellite image also allowed me to determine that it was a deck truss bridge.
Frank Olive posted, a second posting with a correct comment
CB & Q RR trestle over Shoal Creek

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