Monday, February 1, 2016

ComEd Taylor Street Substation

This was the use of the land after the Pennsylvania Freight House was torn down. (I'm still working on the freight house posting.) It would seem that ComEd could have figured out how to use some rooms in that big, substantial bulding for their equipment and then rent the rest of the building for other uses.

I've noticed that the substation shows up in the background of some pictures of cab units going to/from the Chicago Union Station. So this topic gives me an excuse to save these neat photos.
Lou Gerard posted
Conrail E8 4022 leads the Broadway Limited out of Chicago, April 1977.

Bob Helling posted
One of BN's rebuilt E9ms pulls a commuter out of Union Station in Chicago while the ex Wabash- NW commuter for Orland Park backs into the station. June 10, 1979. Bob Helling Photo.
Leon Batman posted
Amtrak 420 + 214 being hauled out of Chicago Union Stn by an RS3 September 29 1976

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