Monday, February 1, 2016

Wabash Central RR, a NKP (Cloverleaf) Remnant

Alan Cully posted
Alan's comment:
The Cloverleaf main in Warren, IN now operated by the Wabash Central RR out of Bluffton. They have trackage to Van Buren, but it looks like this is as far as they come these days judging by the tracks west of here.
A major customer was Weaver Popcorn on the Van Buren end of their line. But this posting suggests that Weaver no longer uses the WC. I did some research on Weaver Popcorn. The plant seems to still be viable, so I guess they switched to trucks. Did NS crank up their interchange rates with WC at Bluffton, IN?

If the trains no longer go west of Warren, IN, that means the Salamonie River Bridge is no longer used.

Alan Culley posted
I was in the area, so I went to find the end of track on the east side of Craigville. I could not get to the actual end, but did find a Wabash Central GP10 and a couple of covered hoppers near the end of track. The track is barely visible in the foreground.
According to a comment, the engine is a GP10.]

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