Friday, February 19, 2016

Rumely Oil Pull Equipment

Screenshot from a video posted by Jay Knutson
Matthew Oldenburg posted
It ran a sawmill until the 1970s.
WORLD PLOWING RECORD 66 bottom plow (Mog 5858): video with 4 Rumely Oil Pulls. The plow is so long that the screenshot is about half of the plow.

Another video of the 66-bottom plow event. It appears there were five tractors pulling the plow.

Gary Yaeger posted
Testing new Rumely Oilpull (gas) tractors at the factory.
At the 2016 Sycamore Steam Show & Threshing Bee:

20160804 4313

Larry Painter posted
Shenandoah Valley Va.


1:26 video @ 0:03
This is the only roller made because it was a prototype.

0:42 video @ 0:21
Rumely Oil Pull winch tractor

0:42 video, a parade of three Rumely Oil-Pull tractors

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