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EJ&E's Whiting|129th Street Yard

(see satellite images below; Street View)

Joseph Tuch Santucci posted a photo of a caboose with the comment: "Caboose 549 resting in Whiting Yard. This caboose was assigned to the Whiting jobs and used by the day job when heading to East Chicago or to Hegewisch. March 1994"
Richard Schwanke Also back in the day it was assigned to "chain gang" duty to Conductor Ray Cheney. I spent many many layovers sleeping or trying to sleep in that caboose. Gary had to be the worst place for that. Caboose track was right along side the track they used to pull cuts out of the mill of loaded cars full of steel. Then there was the retarders squealing all day or night on the hump to help you sleep.
Joseph Tuch Santucci I think the J was one of the last railroads to have trainmen sleep in the cabooses. Didn't they put a stop to that in the latter 70's?
Richard Schwanke Yes. They started putting us up in the Red Roof Inn in Merrilville. Thinking on it we slept in the cabooses right up until they got permission to use the FREDS. That's the only reason they put us in the hotels, then the got the run through agreements and no layover points so the hotels were a thing of the past too.

My regular map for the Chicago area yards labeled this the Standard Oil Yard. But another map I use labels this the EJ&E Whiting Yard. It appears the dark ballasted tracks on the east are EJ&E's yard whereas the tracks on the west are for BP/Amoco/Standard OilFor once I don't need to find an old aerial photo because it looks like this yard is still at the same capacity it was during the height of railroading.

Update: when I got a snapshot that did not have a cursor in it, I noticed Google updated their images. I like the original exposure better.
Out of curiosity, I also captured Bing's image.

The Cline Avenue bridge at the bottom has been demolished because after just 27 years it was deemed too weak to carry traffic!
Al Whitlock posted
Looking north from the on ramp to Cline Ave. in East Chicago. Photo by Al Whitlock 12-10-2008.

Gabe Argenta commented on the above posting
More recently
Bob Lalich Are all those lumber cars in storage, or is there a facility nearby that uses them?
Gabe Argenta I can't think of one around there Bob, but this was a year or two ago.
Douglas Drexel Mitchell posted
Waiting for the coke to be delivered. Old EJ&E yard Whiting, Indiana 1/6/2019
[Since the build date for the CN loco was Nov 2018, Douglas included three closeups of the cab in the comments.]
Chuck Roth posted
Whiting I think
Rod Truszkowski Yes it is.Jerry Stack It was located on 129th St.east of Indianapolis Blvd.
Dennis DeBruler CN/EJ&E looking south from 129th Street. (Edit: after I looked at the full resolution photo, I realized why you did not include EJ&E in the comments.),-87.../data=!3m1!1e3
Dennis DeBruler This is one of the few yards in the Chicagoland area that still actively uses all of its tracks to serve local industries like it did in the first half of the 20th Century.

Steven W Panek posted
The EJ&E heritage engine as seen on the Whiting Line leading a loaded unit pet coke train at the 148th Street grade crossing in East Chicago, Indiana on 11/20/2020
[The thing I'm supposed to get excited about is that this is CN's newly painted heritage unit for EJ&E. But I find petcoke going to BP to be more interesting.]
Michael Q Quagliano: Headed to?

Dennis DeBruler commented on Michael's comment
The building in the background shows that it was headed North.

Dennis DeBruler commented on Michael's comment
So I presume that it is going to EJ&E's Whiting Yard (yellow rectangle) at the end of the Calumet Spur.

Dennis DeBruler commented on Michael's comment
Has BP learned how to load barges on the Indiana Harbor Canal with Petcoke so that they can be transloaded to Salties for export? If so, they could be selling this service to other companies to get rid of their petcoke. I see they already use that canal to ship petroleum products.

One of eight photos of the yard posted by Joseph Tuch Santucci
Looking into the yard. That BNSF engine is the DP on an outbound petroleum Coke train being pulled from here. Most of the business in and out of the yard here now is Coke coming out of the BP (former Amoco) refinery across the street.
Dennis DeBruler: Thanks for adding comments to the photos. They significantly improved my understanding of the yard. Delivering petcoke to BNSF was of particular interest.
Joseph Tuch Santucci: Dennis DeBruler this is actually a CN train using BNSF power. I’m told this Coke goes to Louisiana for export.

This post caused me to add "129th" to the title. Those cars probably have petcoke instead of coal.
Steven W Panek posted
With the BP Whiting Refinery in the background, the CN 9567 and IC 9634 are seen from the westbound Riley Rd exit ramp to Cline Avenue (IND SR 912) at the south end of the CN 129th St Yard in East Chicago, Indiana on 4/23/2022

This satellite view confirms that 129th st. Yard is another name for what others called the Whiting Yard.
3D Satellite
[Note, the Cline tollroad is being built in this image.]

1999 Flickr on a sub-zero day so there is a lot of vapor above the refinery

2014 Flickr of Whiting Yard

2017 Flickr of some of the yard and some of the steel mill

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