Friday, March 11, 2016

Davis Junction: CB&Q vs. Milwaukee+CB&Q

David M Laz posted
David's comment:
Davis Junction, Illinois, USA February 24, 2012 Iowa, Chicago & Eastern EMD SD40-2 Courtesy David K.
Fortunately, Davis Junction is an Illinois town as his comment implies, and it is easy to find. The train would be westbound because the connecting tracks are in just the north quadrants. ICE bought a lot of the Milwaukee tracks when it went bankrupt, and it is now controlled by Canadian Pacific Railway. The north/south track was used by both CB&Q and Milwaukee between Flag Center and Rockford. So it is now the junction of CP/ICE/Milwaukee and Illinois Railway/BNSF/BN/CB&Q.

Doug Ingersoll posted
Davis Junction Il early 90's

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