Wednesday, March 23, 2016

UP/C&NW Bridge over Fox River in Elgin, IL

Mark Llanuza posted, 1980
(Bridge Hunter; not considered historic; Satellite, south bridge)

Mark's comment:
We go back 36 years ago with westbound train 99 with F-unit and two GP-30's crossing the Fox river in Elgin with brand new auto;s behind the GP-30's.
I first saw the satellite view of this bridge when studying Milwaukee's B-35 Tower. Note you can see Metra+ICE/Milw bridge in the background of Mark's photo.

I'm surprised that open auto rack cars were still being used as late as 1980. I expect to see them in 1960s photos. The number of boxcars in the train also makes me feel nostalgic.

Update: The bridge we see is the UP/C&NW Bridge. The commuter is on the Metra+ICE/Milwaukee Road Bridge. The photo was taken from a boat launch pier.
20170121 7769

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