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Chicago Ridge Tower: IHB+CSX/B&OCT vs. NS/Wabash

Edward  Kwiatkowski shared his posting
(CRJ, Satellite)

Edward's comment:
Chicago Ridge Tower and Junction.
Chicago Ridge Illinois. Oct 1989.
Closed in 1993, demolished in 1995, after
a series of arson fires of suspicious origin.
The Indiana Harbor Belt, and Norfolk Southern's
ex Wabash railroad line cross here near
Oak Lawn Illinois.
CRJ reminded me that this stretch is owned by B&OCT but dispatched by IHB.
Richard Fiedler commented on the above posting
Chicago Ridge. Wabash depot. About 1905

1938 Aerial Photo from ILHAP
Update: Photo from Towers. The caption for that photo:
Chicago Ridge tower shortly after it closed in 1994. Tuch says: "NS manned the tower before it was closed and took care of maintenance on the plant. IHB wanted the place closed badly and cut an unusual deal to eliminate it. In order to seal the deal, IHB assumed all maintenance responsibility for the plant even though it was technically CSX trackage. CSX did the track work on the CSX/IHB rail and NS was responsible for the track on their line, but IHB took all switch and signal maintenance. It is the only portion of the CSX-owned section of the IHB that has such an arrangement. CSX handles all the rest between BI and Superior.

Jimmy Fiedler posted
Original tower Chicago Ridge IL

Ken Schmidt posted
In '87, changes were happening all over. Soon to be, Ridge Tower would close. But on this spring day in 1987, it was business as usual for this transfer from Landers to Yard Center using the wye from the N&W to IHB.
Ken Schmidt How dated? Stick rail, pole lines, and semaphores.

Jimmy Fiedler commented on the above posting
Jimmy Fiedler also posted this photo with the comment: "Tower at Chicago Ridge IL of the Wabash, and IHB RR. Photographer unknown"

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  1. Jimmy's photo was undoubtedly taken by John Barriger from the observation deck of a parlor-obs car. Scores of his similar pics are posted on Flickr.