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WICT Local Freight

Steven J Brown posted
Steven's comment:
Twenty-seven years ago tonight [1/26/16]:
WICT (Wisconsin and Calumet) F7's have just run around their train at Cragin on the ex-MILW and are about to head down the BRC to Clearing Yard. Chicago, IL - January 26, 1989.
This image appeared in the May 1989 issue of Railfan and Railroad. Prior to publishing, Jim Boyd described for me over the phone all about the strange new magic process of removing the finger from the image digitally! They transformed the bird into a wave!
WICT is part of a chain of corporations to keep some segments abandoned by C&NW and Milwaukee operational. They have trackage rights on Metra's Milwaukee route to connect with the two east railroads NS and CSX. The train would be heading east on the southern most track in this image, which becomes the BRC connector. Note that the smokestack in the picture still stands. It is in the lower-left corner of this picture. You can see the shadow extending past the first row of cars across the street.

While studying the satellite image, I noticed an embankment where an industrial spur went down to ground level. In fact, you can still see the tracks in the pavement. Also note the round corner of the building on the right. That means that a track used to curve around that building. There are still some industries east of Laclare. And judging from the foundation remnants, there was some industry on the east side. I wonder if this local was serving those industries. Metra would have no interest in handling freight.

The American Can Company had a plant in this Cragin area. And there was (is?) extensive industry in the Galewood Yard area including the former Glidden/Central Soya plant.

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