Sunday, March 20, 2016

Wabash Truss Bridge over Rock Island

(Satellite) It is unusual to see a truss bridge used for a railroad overpass. Normally steel girders are used. According to the satellite image, the truss is still being used. Note that both railroads have fresh ballast. Metra seems to be doing a good job of maintaining routes they had to save from abandonment.

Kevin Piper posted
The NS Manhattan Local heads back north over the old Rock Island at New Lenox, Illinois, on 4-2-91

Halsted Pazdzoir posted
Iowa Interstate 152 heads east through New Lenox this morning.
2/4/20Andy Oja Undercut for double STACKS

This one shows that they evidently lowered the Rock under the overpass to provide more clearence.
Dan Tracy posted
Iowa Interstate 511 leads an eastbound ethanol train under the old Wabash bridge at New Lenox on 11-28-09.
Connor Menconi: ES44AC
Scott Malec: I didn't realize the first run of IAIS GE's have already been in service for 13 years!
Craig Cloud: IAIS run dpu?
Mark Zaputil: Craig Cloud Rarely...
Dan Tracy: Craig Cloud at this time they did.
HalstEd Pazdzior: Wish this spot wasn't so overgrown now.

You can see the undercut in Kevin's photo, but the IAIS train emphasizes it. I read that Wabash did the work that included raising the bridge as well as lowering the tracks. Then they sent Rock Island a big bill for the work.

Since the NS local on the Wabash seldom runs during daylight, this is quite the catch.
Andy Puch posted
BS50 over-unders with an inbound at New Lenox. Talk about hitting the jackpot. 1/30/21

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