Saturday, March 26, 2016

Wabash Bridge over Cal Sag Channel

Bird's Eye View looking West
(Bridge Hunter, could not find it in Historic Bridges)

The motivation for this posting was a Facebook posting by Joe M McMillan of the NW bicentennial unit, SD45 1776, crossing this bridge with a commuter train on August 14, 1974. Please look at the picture, but ignore the comments. Jacob Diorio felt it necessary to use the F-word. The two comments with information are:

Will G Benson Isn't this in the book "5:10 To Suburbia"? That's a great find, if anyone can find it these days!
Joe M McMillan Yes, we used this photo in the 5:10 book.

Since this line was abandoned by NW south of Manhattan, IL because they routed traffic through Decatur to Fort Wayne, IN, to avoid the Chicago congestion, this bridge now sees mostly (only?) Metra SWS trains.

Louis Neal Jr. posted
Had to be my favorite by far from last hitch. ✊🏽 captured in Lemont 📸
[Quite a few of the comments talk about the bad smell.]

I used these street views to confirm that Louis' photo is of this bridge.
Street View

Street View

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