Wednesday, March 2, 2016

CB&Q Bridges over Fox River in Aurora, IL

William Brown posted
It turns out, this bridge is not the mainline but rather an industrial spur. Bridge Hunter confirms that the mainline bridges are not steel girder. In fact, both the east and west bridges are open-spandrel concrete arch bridges.

Looking at a satellite image, one notes that they have had serious problems with ice flows. They have added the biggest "ice breakers" I have ever seen on the up-river side of the piers.

I believe the postcard picture is of this bridge which is now a "nowhere to nowhere" bridge.

I forgot to record the link the first time. Now (May 2017), the 3D image is not as good.
Marty Bernard posted
CB&Q NW2 9211 crossing the Fox River in Aurora, IL in August 1963 with a Way Freight. Roger Patelski photo
[There were still rail-served industries and cabooses back in the 1960s.]

1939 Aerial Photo from ILHAP
An old aerial photo shows that this bridge was part of a grade level industrial spur that connected their yard facilities on the east bank with industries on the west bank. It looks like this yard was obsolete by 1939.

Another surprise when looking at a satellite image is the old steel truss bridge used by a trail did not exist in 1939. (Update: it is not an old truss bridge. It is a new truss bridge that was evidently built fo rthe trail.) Given that they have a nice trail head on Hurds Island, that bridge is going to motivate me to get off my rear-end and hike a trail.

Jeff Wojciechowski posted
[On the west side of Hurds Island]
Update: Chuck Pfeiffer posted a couple of pictures of a train parked on the west bridge with the comment: "Saw this parked on the Fox River bridge just south of downtown Aurora earlier this week. That's a horrible spot to park. The bridge has crumbling concrete."

John Marvig: girder, east arch, west arch.

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