Tuesday, March 8, 2016

1871 Fire Remnants and Horse Drawn Trolleys

Update: I discovered I already have a posting concerning the aftermath.

Valerie Dattilo Snyder posted
State & Madison after the fire of 1871
The first electric street cars may have been in 1890, but Maestro Mulero indicated some horse-draw trolleys existed as late as 1913. Some routes had cable cars as a transition between horses and and electric cars.

The fire was not caused by a cow.
Maestro Mulero Actually evidence shows it was fragments from a Meteor shower, because at that precise moment a massive Fire broke out in a town in Wisconsin, witnesses claiming they saw flaming fragments fall from the sky.
Susan Teich Peshtigo, WI

There was another significant fire in 1874.

Scott Hirtenstein From that to "The World's Busiest Corner."

When we moved to Chicago in the 1970s, State Street in the loop was still the main retail strip. Michigan Avenue south of the river was office space and north of the river was commercial or vacant.
Nelson Herrera posted, 1960
It wasn't until the Hancock Building and Water Tower Place were built that retail outlets started occupying Michigan Avenue north of the river.
Valerie Dattilo Snyder commented on above posting.

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