Friday, March 25, 2016

MoW: delivering concrete next to a track where there is no road

These are a couple of the 9 photos posted by Cory Osborn showing a MoW train delivering concrete to a site that cannot be accessed from a road.

They put a mixer truck on a flatcar and park it next to an road accessible siding that has a concrete pumper that will move the concrete from a delivery truck to the truck on the flatcar.
Then the hook the truck's flatcar to another flatcar that is carrying another concrete pumper so that the chute of the mixer can dump into the hopper of the pumper.

He added a couple of comments showing where the concrete was being pumped to. Note the hose is going into the old culvert by laying on top of the new culvert.
Cory Osborn comment
Cory Osborn comment
Update: delivering concrete to rebuild the seats for a bridge is another example of hauling cement trucks on flat cars.

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