Friday, March 25, 2016

Using a winch instead of a locomotive

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Some facilities that receive cuts of cars to load such as the CGB grain elevator in Onley, IL, have their own engine to move the cars while they are being loaded. Other facilities save the cost of an engine by using a cable and winch to pull the cars.
Brent A. Harrison shared
A loadout worker inspects the massive winch/cable system that moves the hoppers back and forth for loading. The different varieties of hoppers hold between 82 and 102 tons of chips, destined for the mill in Canton, NC. Royal Blue spur off the NS Jellico Branch, Royal Blue, TENN.
Brent A. Harrison added
Keep an eye on that cable! Woodchip hoppers are jockeyed about on the sidings by a winch and heavy steel cable system at the old Champion mill. Royal Blue spur off the NS Jellico Branch, March 2016.

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