Wednesday, March 23, 2016

NS1/NYC/LS&MS Lift Bridge over Cuyahoga River in Cleveland, OH

Roger Durfee posted
(Bridge Hunter, Historic BridgesSatellite)

Roger Durfee's comment:
Living and working where I do (NE Ohio) lake boats often receive attention from my camera. Not as fast as rockets or jets or even trains, I still love watching these come in and out of Cleveland. Here the Algoway gets a little tug help as it navigates the Cuyahoga River. Taken in October 2010 from the base of our (NS) Bridge 1.
I thought it would be nice to include a photo of why these bridges are movable. Given the open lake behind the boat, I conclude that NS Bridge 1 is the former NYC/LS&MS route. I captured the satellite image because it has a shadow that kinda gives an elevation view of the bridge. Even though the span is down, there is something across the top. So I tried the Bird's Eye View. It shows a pipe going across that top structure. I wonder if there were steel mills on both sides of the river along the lakefront and something needed to be connected by pipes such as steam from a boiler plant.

Bird's Eye View
You can tell that NS heavily uses this route because, even though it looks like it has a very low clearance, most pictures show the span being down.

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