Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Madison Street Bridges

Dan Crespo posted
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Dan's comment:
Madison Street swing bridge and new bridge construction. C&NW Station in the background. 1922.
MWRD posted
MWRD's comment:
Historical Photo of the Week: A northerly view of a roadway along the Pennsylvania Railroad property on the west side of the Chicago River between Madison and Monroe Street on September 29, 1903.
I presume that the swing bridge in the background is Madison Street Bridge.

John B Copleston posted
Dennis DeBruler shared
In 1951 the air rights over the north train shed of the Union Station had not yet been sold. This ship looks tall enough that I think all of the railroad swing bridges on the Sanitary and Ship Canal would have had to be rotated to let it pass. From what I have been able to find, 1954 was the last year those bridges moved.

MWRD posted
A view from a boat on the South Branch of the Chicago River on April 9, 1920, showing work on the west side of the river for a bascule bridge at Madison Street which replaced the existing swing bridge.

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