Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Madison Street Bridges

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Dan Crespo posted
Madison Street swing bridge and new bridge construction. C&NW Station in the background. 1922.
BDBRCPC posted
[Same comment as Dan's post. So both of these posters probably got it from the Chicago Historical Society without acknowledgement.]
Patrick McNamara: Preparing to drive the caissons in for building the Riverside Plaza Building (Daily News)to the right of the bridge at the river side...
Raymond Kunst shared

MWRD posted
MWRD's comment:
Historical Photo of the Week: A northerly view of a roadway along the Pennsylvania Railroad property on the west side of the Chicago River between Madison and Monroe Street on September 29, 1903.
I presume that the swing bridge in the background is Madison Street Bridge.

Jonathan Konopka posted
This is the Madison Street Bridge in Chicago, IL. It is a bascule bridge that was built in 1922 and carries Madison Street across the Chicago River.

John B Copleston posted

MWRD posted
A view to the north showing a roadway on the west side of the South Branch of the Chicago River between Madison and Monroe Streets on September 29, 1903.

MWRD posted
A view from a boat on the South Branch of the Chicago River on April 9, 1920, showing work on the west side of the river for a bascule bridge at Madison Street which replaced the existing swing bridge.

Dennis DeBruler shared
In 1951 the air rights over the north train shed of the Union Station had not yet been sold. This ship looks tall enough that I think all of the railroad swing bridges on the Sanitary and Ship Canal would have had to be rotated to let it pass. From what I have been able to find, 1954 was the last year those bridges moved.

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