Thursday, January 21, 2016

IC Charter Line Bridge over Mackinaw River near Kappa, IL

(Bridge HunterSatellite)

Roger Homes posted
Looks like a Rogers 2-6-0 on the Illinois Central's Mackinaw River bridge between Kappa and Hudson, Illinois. From a post card. Interestingly the bridge is still there.

Roger Holmes posted
From a post card in my collection from the early 1900's, a southbound freight crosses the Mackinaw River by Kappa, Illinois. Motive power appears to be a Rogers 2-6-0. Interesting, the bridge is still there!
Jim French: I never went in to get a shot of that bridge. I assume the bridge that's still standing was upgraded or reinforced. I can't see 90 and 100 ton cars going over the bridge in this shot.

Roger Holmes posted

Roger Holmes posted
Given that ICG destroyed the Charter line in the 1980s, it is interesting that they left this bridge up. Looking at various maps, I see no evidence that it was turned into a trail. Maybe someone still hopes that will be the case.


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