Thursday, January 28, 2016

CSX/NYC's Strauss Trunnion Bridge over Erie Canal

(Bridge Hunter, could not find it in Historic Bridges, Satellite, Bird's Eye View)

New York is generally out of my turf, but I'm a sucker for Strauss railroad bridges.

Frank Garon shared Brian R. Wroblewski's photo
Frank's comment:
Nice shot of one of the NYC Towers in Tonowanda/North Tonowanda NY. My guess is EL-2 but I could be wrong. Anybody know for sure and also when this one was closed?
Brian's comment:
Steel beams for the new (then) Rt. 384 bridge over the Erie Canal in Tonawanda being built during the 1950s'. In the background is the New York Central lift bridge & interlocking tower. This bridge still exists today, but the tower is long gone. It originally had steam power to lift it, but was only tested & never lifted for any vessel traffic.
 Google has a few photos of it. Here are three of them.

Google Photo

Google Photo
Google Photo

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