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Pere Marquette's Bridge in Grand Haven, MI

Pete Walsh posted
(Bridge Hunter; Satellite)

When asked if it is still being used, Pete answered:
Yes, since the old PRR/GT line closed it is the only way to get to Muskegon.
The CSX/C&O/PM branch must not be used too often because it is normally open. (Update: when I accessed it in Jun 2022, it was closed.)

Pete Walsh comment on above posting.
Bird's Eye View
But it is used some because Pete's photo and Bing's aerial view caught it closed.

I assume the PRR/GT line Pete refers to was the branch of the Grand Rapids and Indiana
Update: Below are three of the four photos posted by Joe OBrien. His comments:
A little different view of the swing bridge (still operational) over the Grand River in Ferrysburg-Grand Haven. Built by the McClintic & Marshall Construction Co. in about 1908 for Detroit, Grand Haven & Milwaukee Railway. Later became part of GTW.
Was originally a GTW bridge, but GTW abandoned the Grand Haven line. PM had rights over it. Then line was used by PM-C&O-CSX. Now used by Michigan Shore Railroad, part of Genesee & Wyoming.


Fortunately, this freighter would not have to go through these bridges. Nonetheless, it would have to do some tricky navigation to get to its dock.
Bill Steffen posted
Look at the size of this ship that came down the Grand Haven Channel this afternoon [May 30, 2022]! This is the Algoma Intrepid, one of the newest ships on the Great Lakes. At 650 feet long, it's more than twice the length of a football field! It traveled down from the Straits of Mackinac this Memorial Day. We have Small Craft Advisories for Lake Michigan through 6 am Wednesday, but I'd guess the Algoma Intrepid can handle Small Craft Advisories.
Pete Sagan: There as been much larger in and out of there. [The Algoma Intrepid is 650'. A comment stated that Edmund Fitzgerald was 730'. Are we supposed to infer that it has docked here?]
Mitch Ware: Notice she is backing down the channel to the coal docks. Not room for her to turn around down there. So by backing down she can drive straight out! Sadly, as she was coming in by the pier, there were 4 people in serious trouble in the water on the other side of that pier. The Coast Guard boat, and several police agencies responded. All while we were in the 'line' to get out of town by the state park. It appears that all 4 swimmers are okay. There was a yellow flag out due to east winds and the water temp was a very cold 50 degrees. Most swimmers won't last very long in deep water that cold. These people are lucky.
[Summary of comments: stone dock instead of coal dock
They normally back out instead of in.
Once comment said Verplank docks but another said Meekoff Dock. But Google Maps doesn't know about Meekoff. According to a satellite image, Verplank Trucking receives many piles of bulk material.
The freighter was built in 2020.]
Rebeka Carter shared

(new window)  (source)  The narrator of this drone video explains that Grand Trunk built the bridge. C&O bought it, CSX owns it, and Lake Shore leases it.

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