Saturday, January 9, 2016

B&OCT's 48th Street Team Tracks

Scott Griffith -> B&OCT RAILROAD preservationists
Henry Freeman commented: " 48th Ave. Team Tracks on the Altenheim Branch."

Below I zoomed in on the team tracks. I see four horse&wagons getting their freight. And there are a lot of other cars that need to be unloaded.

In the overview picture, note the constant-pressure gasometer on the left.
An excerpt from the above
I asked Henry where the Altenheim Branch was. His response:
Henry Freeman The Altenheim Branch ran westward for over seven miles from the Western Ave. Wye to Forest Park. The Sears complex and Homan Yard were located about two miles west of the Western Ave. connection. This map locates the current Homan Square Community Center, which is in what is left of Sears. Start here and follow the track east and west.,-87.7131919,16.71z

From this, I learned that Cicero used to be 48th.

Excerpt from B&OCT Map 
I'm still trying to find where the yard was on a 1938 aerial photo.

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