Saturday, January 30, 2016

NS/NW/Wabash Bridge over Wabash in Logansport, IN

Jason Jordan posted
(Bridge Hunter: North, SouthSatellite)

(Update: predecessor)

Jason's comment:
Summer 1988, we are looking southeast at the NS's newest bridge across the Wabash River in Logansport, IN. Bridge was built in 1982 to replace a through truss span. By the way I am standing almost in the middle of the Wabash River on this hot afternoon. A Jason Jordan photo.
After studying a satellite image,  this is one of two bridges because the Wabash crossed an island in the river. Looking at a Bing image, I would say this is the north segment because it has a sandbar that gets exposed when the water level goes down. Google has some photos of the north segment: 1 and 2.
The Bridge Hunter North design says "Railroad has a 30 MPH speed limit on this open deck bridge." It also says "One of the few survivors of the great flood of 1913, guarded by the National Guard as depicted in early photos during that disaster." But given Jason's date, it must have been the old truss bridge that survived the flood.

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