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CN closing south end of former Wisconsin Central

David Daruszka posted
David's comment:
The February issue of Railfan & Railroad carried a news item about CN closing the south end of what is called the Waukesha Sub. This is the single track between B12 in Franklin Park and the CSX Altenheim Sub (former BOCT) at Madison Street in Forest Park. Historically this was the original entrance for the Wisconsin Central (later Soo Line) to Chicago and Grand Central Station. I'm assuming this may also spell the end of the line for the Altenheim Sub as industries along there are disappearing.
One of the comments listed the remaining industries along the CSX/BOCT Altenheim Sub, which is the red line on the map that runs east of Forest Park to the turn southward:

Dell Lyon You got national baking, Hickman Williams, Royal Box, Ferrara Pan, Demolition Brick

The comments imply that Ferrara Pan is the biggest customer. William Shapotkin observed that it is not unusual to see 6-8 cars there at any given time. I assume they are tank cars carrying corn syrup. 

Paul Schlichting posted
Curious if anyone nows what there intentions are. This is facing north at Madison street in Forest Park. This is the CN [former SOO/WCL], behind me is the CSX ]former BOCT] that runs down on I-290. Madison street is the dividing line Even though it is OOS, the interlocking is still lit up, Just wondering.
Paul Schlichting I live in the area, nothing has been though here for a couple of years.Ben Franz I know that B&OCT abandonment and removal has been discussed as part of long-term rebuilding / capacity expansion of the Eisenhower.Paul Schlichting The one small "hiccup" to that is that they have one very active industry left in Forest Park, Ferrara Pan candy get a 4 car spot every day.Aaron Grace From what I understand it is currently out of regular service, but for now, CN will still keep it open in case they need some sort of detour route for whatever reason.Paul Schlichting The challenge of this line is once they get on the I-290 portion of it, that can't run auto ranks or stacks, bridges are low, also the BOCT portion is OOS east of the BRC because the city condemned some of the bridges.Aaron Grace Yeah I know. It would only be for manafest freights with no auto racks or double stacks. They would switch to the BRC and head south.Gary Sprandel Not that I'm aware of. Pretty much as far as I know Chicago condemned several of the bridges on the Altheim sub east of the BRC ( under Dailey and surprisingly that allowed for large segments of the ROW to be leveled for shopping centers and high end condos near where the Altheim sub connected with the StCAL near CUS)and the section between the location here and the BRC serves only a handful if that of industries. Personally I'm going with CN keeping it intact as long as the Altheim sub exists as a back up route just in case something goes FUBAR with one of the standard routes through Chicago.David Barone At one time as part of the CREATE project there was a plan to put a crossover at Park from the IHB to the CN to allow the CPR direct access to the CSX which included rebuilding the bridges on the west side. [I don't understand the details. But I save it for reference.]Aaron Grace Michael CSX already has access to CP in Franklin Park via the IHB, which it owns partly. It has no use for the CN line at this point.Fred Van Dorpe CN has trackage rights on the CSX. CSX has trackage rights on the CN. No need for one to buy the other really anymore.

CP owns that intermodal yard in Schillar Park and stills uses it actively for container storage. No trains use it though, and havent
 used for roughly a decade now.

The only train that uses any part of the Altenhiem sub is a CSX local that serves a candy factory in Forest Park, just East of where the Altenhiem sub goes over I290. The loco and cars are kept near the BRC mainline. No trains are East of the BRC because of the bridge condemtion. The rails are still in place I think. However I would highly recommend not going there, its smack in the middle of the West side ghetto.

Gary, are there any remains of the Altenhiem sub between Ogden junction (or what was 12th St. junction where it crossed the Pennsy and CNW) and the St. Charles air line?
Aaron Grace Fred I believe that same local (or at least the same crew and engine) also serves that industry in Cicero near 16th and Central on certain days, which requires street running along 16th between there and the BRC. Always fun to see that operation!Brandon McShane I suspect CN is trying to figure out how to maximize the value of the line. If it abandons and it does not have good title to the real estate, the land will revert to the adjoining landowners.

[Madison Street is the boundary between CN/WC and CSX/B&OCT]

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