Saturday, January 30, 2016

1916 TP&W/WSRY/Penn(Vandalia) Bridge over Wabash in Logansport

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Steven J. Brown posted
Nickel Plate 2-8-2 587 is at Logansport, Indiana - September 18, 1988.

Dennis DeBruler commented on Steven's post
I presume that "there" was the north side of the TP&W/Pennsy/Vandalia Bridge.,-86.3871006,351m/data=!3m1!1e3?entry=ttu
John Troxler: Dennis DeBruler - The photo was taken of the train proceeding southbound across the Wabash River in Logansport. I was the guy with the scanner hanging on my belt taking a photo standing in the right side of the photo.
Dennis DeBruler: John Troxler Thanks for the correction. So the locomotive is about to cross Cliff Drive instead of Wabash Avenue.

RED ALERT: this photo can't be of this bridge because the tracks don't curve on either side of the bridge.
Ethan Hopper posted
GMTX 412 leads a Central of Indianapolis job across the Wabash River at Conrail point RIVER in Logansport, IN. 412 is operated by the Toledo, Peoria & Western, and the Central operates TP&W equipment for their operations in central Indiana.
Jeff Douglass So there is a Central crew and a TPW crew now workin out of Kokomo ??
Ethan Hopper Jeff Douglass Central works Kokomo Marion and Logansport. Central has always used TPW power.

To be clear, Central of Indianapolis (CERA) does not include Indianapolis. But Central of Indiana (CIND) does! Ethan's post indicates that CERA operates the two Winamac (WSRY) routes that TP&W now controls.

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