Thursday, January 14, 2016

Tower B-17: CP/Milwaukee vs. CP/Milwaukee in Bensenville, IL

Bird's Eye View
Until it warms up and I can get my own shot, I'm going to make do with this image.

An Iowa Pacific E-9 pulling a passenger train on what is normally a freight-only cutoff from the northern Milwaukee route.
Jerry Jackson shared
I learned the tower's name from this posting. Once I had the name, I could Google search "Bensenville B17" to find the location. I don't need to go back to a 1938 aerial photo because both routes and the tower still exist. The search also found a Chicago Railfan resource that I record here for future reference. And another railfan resource.
Steven J. Brown posted
Hooping orders to outbound New Line SOO SD60's from Bensenville at Tower B17 in May 1990.
Jerry Jackson posted
 A typical Fall workday at Bensenville. 1990.
[Jerry confirmed that is Tower B17 on the left.]
Sam Carlson posted a couple of Jan 1985 photos and a contemporary photo that includes B17.


 The tower has changed.

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